Why people love it

Mediactive® Active 20+ Multi-balm has 100% natural Australian Honey and other natural ingredients for healing, skin care, skin remedy and hydration of lips, face and body. Feel the energy of nature and glow your skin.

Our high potency products are the result of stringent testing and our pursuit of highly active all natural ingredients. These products are manufactured to the strictest hygienic standards, the Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP). And as such we have remained on the cutting edge of beauty and healthcare product development.

All our products are free from artificial ingredients which add nothing to the product’s effectiveness, risk allergies and side effects, and are not needed as preservative in products that have antibacterial and anti fungal properties.

Mediactive Multi-balm can be applied overnight, or for brief periods in the evening, to give an energised and softened facial, the best condition for highly effective make-up application. 



Protecting and Dressing

 Scar, minor wound, and burn

 Sunburn, Sun allergy

 Gravel rash

 Broken skin

✔ Cuticle treatment and care

✔ Eczema

Skin Care


 Baby nappy rash

 Skin hydration and nourishment

 Furuncle and Rhinitis in the nose

 Fingernail and Toenail care

 Shaving rash

 Makeup pre-preparation




Dry skin

Skin rashes

Insect bites

Soothing and Hydrating

 Severe dry lips

 Itchy dry skin

 Wrinkle prevention

 Eye moisturizer

 Anti-aging treatment

 Chapped or Cracked foot

 Overnight Facials